A cloud based help desk software, Freshdesk makes it easy for customers to build fully automated support channels. With a diverse selection of support channels like social media, email, live chat, and phone; Freshdesk enables users to reach their customers through their preferred channel.

Benefits of using Freshdesk

  • Email: Single panel access to all your team members. This allows agents to send our emails using one handle and prevents two agents from responding to the same email with their agent collision detection feature.
  • Ticketing: Create custom labels and tickets. Freshdesk allows users to quickly create and label tickets, enabling for more seamless support.
  • Automation: With various plugins, and an API; Freshdesk makes it easy for users to automate the whole process of customer support.
  • Social:  Freshdesk allows you to monitor and analyse your customer posts and mentions of your products.This allows your support team to offer greater visibility across social channels.
  • Knowledge Base: Build a help desk knowledge base that will support your agents in rightly answering customer queries. You can also offer this to consumers making it easy for them to solve their own queries.
  • Community: Freshdesk lets you build a section for your customers to interact with each other. This allows customers to answer each other’s queries.

Apps that connect well with Freshdesk

  • Google Sheets- Create Freshdesk tickets for Google sheet rows, and auto update Google Sheets with Freshdesk tickets.
  • Gmail- Connect the two applications and send alerts via Gmail anytime a new ticket is generated in Freshdesk.
  • Slack- Sync your task manager and support software to streamline your communication.
  • Google Calendar- Automatically create meetings from tickets in Freshdesk .
  • Facebook Lead Ads- Add Facebook Leads as new Freshdesk tickets.

These are just a few applications you can pair Freshdesk with, explore our Freshdesk page to know more about automating Freshdesk, and get in touch with us in case you don't find an app you’d like to pair Freshdesk with!