Marketing is one department that works with all the departments, so it only makes sense for marketeers to have one platform that can bring together all their other apps and data together right? With the increased use of social media and digital marketing, marketeers have to be active on multiple platforms daily, and they spend their time juggling between a dozen more applications for all their assets. Marketeers end up losing hours just juggling between all the applications, communication between client approvals and co workers, and managing a record of all the digital assets and campaigns. Marketing is a dynamic role and the needs of marketeers evolve and grow with each campaign they work on. Automation allows marketeers to delegate the routine and time consuming tasks to technology, allowing them to streamline their work and freeing up time to dedicate to creative decisions.

Automation doesn’t have to be overly complicated systems that require professionals and training! Here’s a list of few simple automations, that you can set up in under 5 minutes, without requiring any code or technical knowledge:’

1. Email marketing: 87% percent of marketers use email marketing to organically reach out to their customers! Whether you’re in a B2B or B2C business, email marketing is something you’ll come across as a marketer. Keeping your email marketing list however can be a task, especially when you’re dealing with new customers on a daily basis! Here’s and automation to ensure that your list is consistently updated and growing.

Integrate payment applications like Stripe with email marketing applications like Mailchimp. This way the buyers contact details are automatically saved in your email marketing directory, anytime a payment is made.

2. Automate saving your digital assets: Keeping a track of your assets is important! For weekly/monthly reports, later use and well sharing purposes. However as a marketer you shouldn’t spend hours every week, just organising all your assets. Integrate your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube with cloud storage applications like Google Drive or Dropbox and automatically save anything you upload onto a folder in drive.

3. Lead fragmentation: Eventually conversions is an indicator of how well your marketing efforts are paying off. Use automation to keep a better track of how well your campaigns are performing platform wise!

Integrate applications like Eventbrite, Facebook, Gmail, Mailchimp, Wordpress and other marketing channels with a CRM application like Salesforce to automatically add leads to the system. This way your leads are added in an organised manner, providing you with a single view to access data about your lead generation.

Simplify your workflow with Quickwork automation

Quickwork is a no code platform, that allows you to easily connect different applications and build Journeys simply. These journeys can help you automate routine tasks in your everyday life, essentially helping you stay more organised, efficient and productive. You can try out the Journeys listed above to see how simple it is to get started with automation! Once you’ve checked these out, you can continue to experiment with different combinations of triggers and actions between different applications to build your own Journeys!

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