IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is an AI service that detects emotional and linguistic tones to detect the nature of a conversation. This service can be used to analyze documents and sentences. IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is beneficial to businesses in learning the tone of their customer conversations, and can greatly benefit the whole process of customer experience for businesses. The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer API allows businesses to merge this service with their day to day applications and software's.

Benefits of using IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

  • Processes unstructured data: With the tone analyzer you can scan through a mountain of data with ease.
  • Fills human limitations: Scan and sort of comments/responses based on tone in a matter of minutes.
  • Makes the decision making process easier.
  • Enhance customer service.
  • Scalable model, can quickly process large amounts of data.
  • Provides detailed consumer insights.

Apps to connect with IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

  • Gmail: Filter through customer emails. .
  • Facebook: Analyze social media mentions.
  • Google Sheets: Filter comments based on their tone.
  • Trello: Create new cards from analyzed content.
  • Instagram: Monitor social media mentions.

These are just a few applications you can pair IBM Watson Tone Analyzer with, explore our IBM Watson Tone Analyzer page to know more about automating IBM Watson Tone Analyzer, and get in touch with us in case you don't find an app you’d like to pair with!