Millennials prefer communicating over text as compared to phone calls. A 2016 study showed 75% of millennials in the US preferred texting over phone calls, this just comes to show you how far technology, and the use of phones have come in our daily lives.

Gone are the days where people complain about wanting to communicate over call, because it’s too hard to understand a text or figure out the emotion behind it. With emojis, text abbreviations, and a speed of 200 characters per second, this generation thrives on socialising in the written form.

The IBM Watson Tone Analyzer is a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) service that can detect the emotional tone and language of a text, using its highly efficient linguistic tools.

Harnessing The Power Of AI

With the help of Artificial Intelligence being able to detect the nature and tone of messages, it is now possible to automate the process of customer service and interactions in a seamless manner. Here’s how AI can be used to streamline marketing and social operations for brands and businesses:

  • Social Listening: Social media is flooded with messages on a daily basis, IBM Watson can help you majorly to keep track of your social media mentions and manage your online reputation. With the help of integration you can analyse brand mentions or campaign mentions you receive on multiple platforms to an extent where they are automatically labelled as happy, angry, sad or frustrated. These can help maintain a tracker of the kind of response you receive.
  • Enhancing Customer Service: Customer service is very important for brand building, keeping your customers happy is what keeps them coming. This is why most brands have a customer service system in place. With customer care executives that are trained to respond to your customers needs and manage their complaints. How do you ensure if the customer care service you have in place is effective? With IBM Watson Tone Analyzer you can detect the tone of the messages being received by customers to ensure it’s tone and whether it’s changed after interaction with your customer care executive, you can also detect the tone of the messages sent by the customer care executives to see whether or not they are being positive and sympathetic towards the customers grievances. Basically this tool can help you to monitor the tone of the messages in all customer interactions, helping you keep track of the mood that your customers are in, and ensure the nature that your customer care representatives present themselves in.
  • Building Better Chatbots: Chatbots are great, they take over solving queries in an automated manner. Saving the need for human involvement in managing a lot of communication with customers. Since it’s a chatbot, the response time is usually instant and customers can access them 24/7, based on their convenience. Despite all of this, chatbots often lack the personal human touch, and fail to understand the audience’s needs. The hardwired responses often end up agitating a customer, leading them to seek out human assistance.

Humans love smart technology, this is why voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are gaining such popularity in todays day and age. With the help of IBM Tone Analyzer you can build smarter chatbots, ones that don’t respond robotically, because they’re able to anlayze the tone and mood of a text and accordingly send responses. With AI and Integration you can add the intelligence and sensitivity humans can provide to your chatbots to make them more engaging and understanding to interact with.

The Quickwork Journey Builder helps you integrate IBM Watson Tone Analyzer with social media, chatbots and your customer support. Get in touch with us to know more about building automated Journeys and AI. Keep yourself updated with the tech universe by checking out our other app guides.