Do you own a website & want to improve your website visitors & reduce bounce rates?

Would you like to make your content more accessible?

Here is something you should look into to achieve the above for your ecommerce website.

All you need is a simple and user-friendly tool for your eCommerce businesses and websites without any complex coding and programming skills. A creative news feed with exciting updates for product launch offers and other marketing activities can help your website visitors to stay connected with your offerings. All these are part of visitor engagement strategies for your eCommerce business.

Beamer – The best Ecommerce business tool

Beamer is the best eCommerce tool that helps in updating the newsfeed. It gives an option to add the videos, GIFs, photos, links, and call to action for announcements and updates. It helps in customizing the posts to your business needs. Beamer is designed for website owners who concerns more about creating long-term and impactful user loyalty and want to bring back their visitors and customers to their website.

Beamer and its features

Customized news feeds

The central feature that Beamer offers is a customized news feed. The feature helps create posts for your newsfeed and publishes the same instantly to reach the maximum audience. So, you can save more time instead of spending a lot on customizing templates, email lists management, etc.

Feedback feature

The visitor feedback feature lets you know how your visitors feel about your website, and they can share their experiences and suggestions on your business. Visitors can interact with the posts once they are live, and they can even comment and share feedback.

Planner and scheduler

The posts on Beamer can be planned and scheduled without any mess. Life becomes easy if you have an excellent scheduler, especially with a strategy designed for consistent posts, updates, and more.

News Feed design customization

You can play with the cool colors and style them to amalgamate with your website colors, store, or app design. In this way, it will not look like a spate tool after you integrate out with your website’s interface.

Push notifications

Utilize the push notifications feature and notify your audience with your business updates when they are not on your website. The newsfeed will keep your visitors updated with your latest news and announcements and encourage them to return to your site.

Pricing – Beamer

Free: $0/month

·        Unlimited posts

·        Unlimited notifications

·        1 Language

·        1 User

·        Basic analytics

·        Beamer watermark

Startup: $49/month

·        Everything in the Free plan, plus:

·        Multiple languages

·        Invite your team

·        Advanced analytics

·        Remove watermark

·        Appearance customization

·        Post scheduling

Pro: $99/month

·        Everything in the Startup plan, plus:

·        Segmented notifications

·        Domain allowlist

·        Customizable CSS

·        Enterprise-grade support

·        Feedback and Reactions

·        Web push notifications

·        Agency: Contact the Beamer team

·        Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

·        Beamer on multiple websites

·        Personal executive

Integrate and automate Beamer to your website or store

It is good to integrate and automate the Beamer application on your blog, website, e-store by using the embedded code or a plugin. You can integrate without a single code using the top no-code automation platform - Quickwork. Build your journey today.