Digital marketing plays a big role in each brand's marketing strategy! 73% of marketers have found social media marketing to be an effective way of improving their brands presence. With consumers spending an average of 3 hours consuming content over social media each day, digital marketing has become an unavoidable and essential part of any marketers strategy!

However social media is constantly evolving, and the abundance of content on social media has made it difficult to consume and keep up with the right kind of content. As a digital marketer, tracking your own activity is just as important as knowing what people are saying about your brand, or as important as tracking/following another individual that may affect your brand's online presence. Here’s three ways of how automation can help you manage your social media activity better!

  1. Tracking social media mentions: Keeping a check of your brand mentions is an essential part of ORM. As a marketer you should be able to view all your brands responses and analyse whether they’re positive or negative to see how it’s performing. Doing so however isn’t easy when there’s so much ground to cover with all the social media platforms in use! Here’s where automation can help!

You can select certain keywords and set a trigger on all social media platforms your brand uses like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anytime anyone mentions the keyword, your automation is triggered, automatically updating a Google Sheet with all the details of the mention.

How does this help you as a brand?

Having all your mentions in one place makes it easier to access and respond to comments, reducing your response time, and providing you a clearer picture of your brand's image. You can also directly send an alert to Slack, making it easy to assign the comments to a marketer to instantly respond.

2. Auto-save social media posts: As a brand keeping a track of your social media posts is always helpful. Something you’ve created a few months ago can be repurposed or used as a reference for a future campaign. Keeping a record of your social media posts can also help you keep a track of your brand and how it’s performing. However given the number of social media channels and frequency of posts, systematically saving and recording everything you upload can become hectic. Let Quickwork take care of keeping your posts organized. Use a workflow to automatically save every new post you upload to a folder in Google Drive.

How does this help you as a brand?

Access to all your social media activity all under one library makes  it easy to view and share your assets with ease.

3. Syncing all your marketing leads: There are various touch points in the cycle of converting a lead to a customer. The efforts made by a marketing team in a company plays a huge role in this cycle, ultimately it is the job of marketing campaigns to garner interest and generate leads. Automate the process of recording leads coming in from various marketing channels into Salesforce.

How does this help you as a brand?

As a brand you can keep a track of where your leads are coming through, this helps in tracking how successful your different channels are at generating leads and allows you to focus more on detailed platform specific strategies.

Social media plays a big role in every brand's marketing strategy. Moment marketing, trends, and the 24/7 culture of being active makes social media a full time job. Automate your social media activity to stay on track and in tune with all trends. Get in touch with Quickwork for more marketing automation hacks and follow on Instagram for your daily automation hacks!