Slack is a messaging service where you can communicate with your colleagues, attend online meetings, share file, and more. Integration of web apps makes Slack smarter as it centralizes all your notifications, from sales to tech support, social media and more, into one searchable place where your team can discuss and take action on each.

Slack allows you to create departmental groups, and converse with your team members/ vendors to collaborate on projects together. Slack allows for a real-time conversation on tasks/ project progress.

The free plan in Slack is extremely comprehensive, as it allows for unlimited users and messages to be sent across the platform. It also gives you up to 10,000 searchable messages.

Overall Slack is very different from your regular task management tools as it focuses most on communications. One of the primary reasons for inefficiencies in tasks is the lack of communication, so this platform is great for companies/ teams that need to work collaboratively on projects/ tasks regularly.

Applications you can connect Slack with!

With thousands of applications to choose from, starting from one can become difficult. Fret not, we’ve listed down some popular and useful applications to get you started with integration and Slack.

  • Salesforce: Integrate Slack with Salesforce and Clearbit to automatically assign a new lead to a team member. Click here to create this journey.
  • Airtable: Don’t want to use two project management tools? Integrate Slack with Airtable and enable creating and viewing your tasks in a visual format using Airtable, automatically send a message to yourself or a team member anytime a new record is created. Click here to create this journey.
  • Typeform: Integrate Typeform with Slack to send a message on Slack when a new Typeform submission is received. Click here to create this journey.
  • HubSpot: Integrate HubSpot with Slack to send a message via Slack when a new HubSpot contact is created. Click here to create this journey.
  • WooCommerce: Connect WooCommerce with Slack to send a message via Slack when a new order is received on WooCommerce. Click here to create this journey.

These are just a few applications you can pair Slack with, explore our Slack page to know more about automating Slack, and get in touch with us in case you don't find an app you’d like to pair Slack with!