Social media apps have taken over this generation. The daily rundown of news, or should we say updates, come in from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This digital revolution has built brands and careers for many by mastering their practices. It’s essential to find balance in this noisy world of trends, hashtags, and notifications. Social media has become a crucial platform for individuals and brands to engage with the world. The conversations taking place here are transforming the image and status that they’re trying to build. Being on social media and doing it right is highly important, and a full-time job for many.

Creating content, knowing your audience, and content delivery are essentials to successfully executing social media strategies. Each of these tasks can be intimidating  when looked at individually and handled manually. Why’s this? This is because all three factors are interconnected and they work best when used collaboratively. Automation can help in creating socially savvy workflows. Handling content by taking away the manual and time-consuming tasks, providing tools to analyze content better, and employ this learning to create content more smartly.

Create, curate, circulate: The 3 C’s to win at social media

A three-step approach to decluttering the process of managing social media. Creating content for the right audience is the key to winning at social media. However, time and data play a significant role in understanding the audience to create the content correctly. Automation can help make this simpler by decluttering the process and employing apps to do the heavy lifting. Here’s a curated list of social media tools to help you create better:

  • Creation: Creating engaging and stylized content for social media is necessary, and you don’t need to be a professional designer or a degree to do so. Apps like Canva, Filmora, Easil, and Crello all provide you with an expansive library of readymade templates. You can play around with stock images and videos. This, along with their simple and straightforward interface, makes creating content quick and hassle-free.
  • Curation: Data is a vital part of managing your social media. It includes both data analysis and managing the ever-growing content bank. Data management in social media is a constant task, requiring 24/7 monitoring and analysis. Tools like SEMrush, Hoot Suite, Sprout Social and Awario, help in curating audience experiences. They keep track of brand and account mentions, track hashtags, and provide a holistic overview of a campaign. It’s essential in identifying what is working on which platform, to help in a more focused and intricate execution of strategies. You can also set parameters/goals for measuring success for campaigns and monitor their performance across different platforms. This is important in understanding how content works on each platform and defining the audience base and interests for each platform.
  • Circulation: Social media never sleeps. Consistency is the key to growing a healthy following and sustaining it. Shuffling between 3-4 different platforms and multiple social media accounts can be exhausting and very time-consuming. It also increases the chances of forgetting to post something due to the high volume of postings. Automating the process of posting can help eliminate the need for the human presence of being online to post. Apps like Tweet Deck, Planable, and Post Planner make it possible to integrate apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They allow for scheduling multiple posts across multiple platforms with the convenience of a click.

Building your social media journey to success

Social media profiles have become the new identity for brands and people, and automation can help you put your best foot forward. Integration can help you do more in less  time. Eliminating the need to post on multiple accounts by allowing you to  cross-post and schedule the posts to go out in advance all with one click.

You can also curate all of your data for better and more detailed analysis. Collate all your learnings on a platform of your choice and access it in the form of a document or a spreadsheet, making it easier to view and access all of it in one place. Create, curate, and consolidate more easily to systematically succeed at social media.

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