What is Zendesk software?

Zendesk is a popular customer service platform. Its cloud-based software is a great solution for businesses of all sizes to provide their customers with exceptional support. By creating an automated support experience, Zendesk allows businesses to focus on their customers and products instead of mundane administrative work.

It is a robust customer service solution for organizations of all sizes. One of its most impressive features is the help desk tool that it provides. Built to make helping customers more rewarding and personal, the platform encourages companies to become proactive in their interactions with customers and adopt a self-service approach.

As an all-in-one customer service solution, Zendesk is perfect for any business, whether it is for small to medium-sized businesses, retailers, HR teams, enterprises, educations, and IT teams.

Zendesk products

Zendesk provides 9 different products, Zendesk Support, Zendesk Support Suite, Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Explore, Zendesk Guide, Zendesk Talk, Zendesk Sell, Zendesk Gather, and Zendesk Sales Suite.

Each product has its own set of price options, as well as ticket management capabilities.

Zendesk features

At the core of Zendesk is a fast, intuitive customer-support platform that acts as a central hub for managing customers and agents. It offers a range of features that allow businesses to solve problems, reduce customer service costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Here are three major tools Zendesk provides to make your life easier:


Zendesk is a ticketing system full of features. Some people even call it the “godfather of help desk tools” because of its extensive list of features.

  1. Convert requests received by phone, chat, email, and social media into tickets.
  2. Consolidate all tickets from disconnected channels into a single location.
  3. Manage and respond to customer service tickets.
  4. Make your personal ticket views.
  5. Conditional and custom ticket fields are supported.
  6. View the activity log as well as the name of the agent who is in charge of it.
  7. Reporting and dashboards are supported.

Live chat:

Zendesk enables you to integrate live chat into your website and converse with consumers in real-time.

  1. Use a live chat to guide a consumer through the checkout process.
  2. Pre-chat forms can be used to collect contact information.
  3. Chatbots can help you automate simple activities.
  4. Support the creation of performance dashboards.

Knowledge base:

Zendesk, like many other help desk solutions, includes tools for creating a self-service support system, such as FAQs and community forums.

  1. Articles can be written, organized, and shared.
  2. Pre-made templates are supported.
  3. There are over 40 languages to choose from.

Zendesk integrations

  1. Typeform: Create Zendesk tickets from new Typeform entries.
  2. Asana: Add new Zendesk tickets to Asana as tasks.
  3. Google Form: Create Zendesk tickets from new Google Form responses.
  4. Slack: Send Slack notifications for new Zendesk tickets.
  5. Wrike: Create new Wrike tasks from Zendesk tickets.
  6. Trello: Create Trello cards from new Zendesk tickets.

Zendesk review

In conclusion, Zendesk is a multifaceted customer service platform. From easy ticket tracking modules to complex pre-configured automation rules, this help desk system can save time and money while ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

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