The Human Resources Industry has undergone a great transformation with the technology advancements and integration of the technologies. The utilization of the entire suite of HR processes has exponentially increased, and businesses are searching for the best software application to manage their HR processes seamlessly. BambooHR is one such software application that companies can connect with to save time, money and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the processes today.

What is BambooHR?

BambooHR is the famous and highly customizable HR software best for small and medium-sized businesses today. It is packed with powerful features that are highly useful for organizations to save more on HR operations. Right from data collection, onboarding, hiring, payroll compensation to employee engagement applications, BambooHR offers a suite of cloud-based solutions to manage the day-to-day tasks in human resource processes.

Features of BambooHR

The BambooHR suite provides the best HR solutions to streamline and automate the hiring process, onboarding, and overall performance management processes while providing employees with the autonomous tools to simplify the process.

Here is the set of features that BambooHR offers:

Data and analytics

BambooHR helps simplify employee records, workflows, reporting, and analytics. Companies can manage the entire HR process through a single database. By using this software, businesses can access the centralized database, which is highly secured. The analytics and the associated reports can be generated to organize and make informed decisions.

Employee onboarding processes

BambooHR has a sound applicant tracking system that helps to stay in the loop with the collaboration tools throughout the recruitment process. It centralizes the employee hiring and tracking and has access to the data in the pipeline.

Time tracking feature

The software offers a time tracking tool in which the HR board can capture the employee login and log-out times; it displays timesheets and calculates the regular and overtime hours for the payroll reporting. The platform comes with a project tracking capability that helps in monitoring the working hours for specific tasks or clients you have set up in the software.

Tax filing and payroll

The software provides an option for payroll processing and administration, allowing businesses to automate the payroll process without any hassles. It is designed to process the paystubs with comprehensive payroll reporting features.

Tools for employee engagement

The net promoter score and intelligent feedback analysis are the features of BambooHR. It helps the HR department measure staff engagement and better understand its various issues. The employees and managers also can collaborate with the goals.


Bamboo HR is offering two different plans. One is essential, and the other is an advantage plan. The advantage package covers 15 employees at the cost of $8.225 per employee per month. The pricing plans are not open as it is a customized quote for every business based on their needs, which is the most affordable option in the industry.

Summing it up

Small and mid-level businesses looking forward to integrating the cloud-based HR platform in their HR department should consider BambooHR as it provides a wide range of end-to-end HR tools. The platform is user-friendly and affordable.
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